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Singles Strategy Tennis: 3 Tactics To Be More Consistent And Win More Matches

Updated: Feb 7, 2022

In this tennis lesson, I got some awesome tips to share with you so that you can win your next singles match.

For a recreation player or club, the most important thing to do in a singles match is to play high percentage tennis.

What is high percentage tennis?

It means to make the right decisions in a play so that you are able to stay in a point longer than your opponent.

If you are able to do that more than your opponent, your chances of winning is so much higher.

So how to play high percentage tennis?

In the video, I talked about 3 ways to play high percentage tennis.

These 3 ways are easy to implement and they help you to make the correct decisions and commit fewer errors.

Furthermore, you will frustrate your opponent and they will ‘self destruct” and lose the points 🙂

Excited to learn the 3 ways of playing high percentage tennis?

Watch the video now.

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