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Forehand Tennis Tips | How To Move And Hit The Wide Forehand

Updated: Feb 7, 2022

In this tennis lesson, I have some great forehand tennis tips for you.

I am going to share how to move and hit that wide forehand shot.

Your opponent love to make you run by hitting wide balls to you.

Are you able to move to the ball quickly and efficiently and return the shot with authority?

If you are struggling to get to the ball then this lesson is for you!

I will be sharing how to move to the ball efficiently so that you can return the shot beautifully and recover in time for the next shot.

This lesson is simple and actionable.

Want to move efficiently like Federer? Then watch this lesson now.

If you want to build a solid forehand technique where you are able to hit with massive topspin, great control and tremendous power, I have a great resource for you. I have launched my tennis forehand course, Unleash Your Forehand, where it is a step-by-by video course to help you build your tennis forehand technique. Simply click the link here to find out more.n

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