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Tennis Forehand Lesson: Hit With More Power With Better Technique

Updated: Feb 8, 2022

It is a common problem that recreational players think that playing the forehand is just using the arms to swing the racket as hard as possible to strike the ball.

If you are using purely the arm power to hit your forehand and find that the results are not what you want or your forehand is getting injured because of wrong technique, then this video lesson is for you!

I got this question from a UYT member. He asked me what are the ways to improve the technique so that he doesn’t use so much of his arm power.

So in this video, you will find 3 solutions that you can apply to improve your forehand technique and hit with more spin and power.

If you want to build a solid forehand technique where you are able to hit with massive topspin, great control and tremendous power, I have a great resource for you. I have launched my tennis forehand course, Unleash Your Forehand, where it is a step-by-by video course to help you build your tennis forehand technique.

Simply click the link here to find out more.

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