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Why Is Federer Still Winning At 36? 5 Secrets We Can Learn From Roger Federer

Updated: Feb 7, 2022

In this video, I want to give you 5 secrets why Roger Federer is still dominating the tennis tour at the age of 36.

Many tennis players would have retired or slowed down in the mid-thirties. But Roger Federer has defied all norms and continue to win titles.

Last year, he won the Australian Open and Wimbledon. This year, he has won the Australian Open again.

What kept him going?

What can we learn from the Swiss and apply to our own tennis game?

Join me in this video where I give me insights. There are 5 secrets that I found that helped to keep Roger Federer winning.

The best part?

You can learn these secrets and apply to your own games and life!

So be sure to check out the video.

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