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Tennis Two-Handed Backhand Tip: How To Stop Shanking The Ball

Updated: Feb 8, 2022

Do you tend to have a lot of mishits on your two-handed backhand? These mishits decrease your consistency and you get very frustrated with them.

So in today’s lesson I am going to share with you a tip that can help you to increase your consistency in your two-handed backhand.

Learn to avoid common mistake and improve your two-handed backhand

One of the most common mistake among tennis players is that their head tends to turn to the path of the ball once they contact the ball.

The main reason for this to happen is that the player is very eager to turn and look at where the ball goes. It is very logical for players to ‘admire’ their shots but the consequences of this mistake are that it leads to allow overhitting. This overhitting or mishit will thus leads to a lot of inconsistency in your two-handed backhand.

Solution: Keep the head still upon contact

I am going to share with you a simple solution to overcome this mistake. Basically, I need you to keep the head still upon the contact. Follow this tip to improve your two-handed backhand.

Now, let me explain how to do that. After you contact the the ball, I want your head to be still. Think of smelling the sleeve of your non-dominant hand. Since I am left-handed, my right hand will be my non-dominant hand.

If you are eager to track the ball, you don’t have to turn your head. At this position, I can actually check the path of the ball through my eyes.

Let’s take a look from the side view.

If you find that your two-handed backhand is inconsistent, it could be due to your head moving too much upon contact.

Try to keep the head still upon contact. And the cue to remember is to ‘smell’ the sleeve at follow through. You can track the ball with the eyes and keep your head still until the ball crosses the net.

Go ahead and try it out and let me know your results in the comment box below.

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