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Random Thoughts On The Tennis Forehand

Some quick points on the tennis forehand:

Unit turn- Simply means turning the shoulders sideways towards the forehand direction.

  • Both hands should be on the racket when you are doing the unit turn.

  • Separating the hands too early and wide apart causes the shoulder to remain square to the court.

  • When I do my unit turn, I tend to think that my non hitting hand is helping to lift the racket up.

  • I also use my non hitting hand to push my wrist back so that it is flexed.

  • When both hands are separated, they should still be on the forehand side, especially the non hitting hand (See Federer's left hand below).

When do you split both hands?

  • Even if you managed to do the unit turn, separating both hands too early and too wide apart may cause your timing and rhythm to be off.

  • The separation of the hands and the striking of the ball should be timed well and it is a smooth fluid swing.

  • Think of the rhythm, slow.... FAST! Slow backswing and fast contact to follow through.

The reason why I wrote this short post is because I happened to see many tennis players separating their hands very early and causing their timing and rhythm to be very off, resulting in poor shots. So I hope these few critical points can help them to improve their technique further.

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