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Learn How To Hit The Topspin With One-Handed Backhand (Part 1)

Updated: Feb 8, 2022

In this video lesson, I want to share a problem that one of my subscriber is facing currently.

He said, “I saw you talking about generating topspin. You assumed correctly that I am right handed. As a result, I tried topspin but I still can’t get topspin on the ball. What my opponents love to hit is, to my backhand. MAYBE BECAUSE MY BACKHAND IS STILL MY WEAKEST STROKE.”

Therefore, I went ahead and produced a video to teach players about how to generate topspin with the one-handed backhand. If you are using a one handed backhand, then you wouldn’t want to miss this video.

Discover Techniques of Hitting Topspin One Handed Backhand

The Grip

The grip that I am using is the Eastern backhand grip. This is the grip that most pros use for the single backhand. To locate the grip, simply place the base knuckle of your index finger on bevel 1 of the racket handle. (See picture below.)

Start with a Short Swing to Feel the Contact Point

To begin with, the first drill that I recommend is to practice hitting the ball with a short swing. First of all, feel the contact point. You can toss the ball in front of your backhand side and roll the ball with a low to high swing. Thus, this is the part where the topspin is generated.

Finally, when the racket face is about to make contact with the ball, make sure that it should be facing the net. Because, if you close the racket face too early, the ball is going to go into the net. Moreover, if you open the racket face too much, even then the ball is going to fly high and long. Hence, I recommend you to practice this short swing.

Practice this short swing technique with 20 balls.

Progress to the Full Swing

So, if you are comfortable and consistent with the short swing technique, then it is time to extend to a full swing.

In general, when the ball goes to your backhand side, you should prepare the back swing before the ball bounces. Further, the back swing is high and it should go towards your opposite shoulder. And if you are a right handed, the back swing should be going to your left shoulder.

Therefore, the key is a high back swing.

Contact Point

As the ball bounces, this is the time where you extend the racket forward to hit the ball with the low to high swing. You have practiced the short swing technique earlier so you should be familiar with the contact point.

Another thing to remember is, the low to high swing is the part where you generate the topspin.

Follow Through

After you have sent the ball to your opponent,finish the shot high. As a guide, the racket should be facing the sky after you follow through.

The follow through is important because you are letting go off the tension. Finally, you should feel relaxed after hitting the shot.

Suggested Practices

Practice hitting the balls with a full swing. Begin by tossing the ball in front of your backhand side. Firstly, prepare the high back swing before you toss.

After hitting about 20 balls, work with a friend and ask him or her to toss the ball to you from the opposite side of the court. You can position at the service line to hit the balls. Once you are comfortable with the service line, gradually move back to three quarter court and eventually to the baseline. Go ahead and start to practice your topspin one handed backhand. Share with me your results in the comments box below. I read every comment.

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