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Avoid This Tennis Forehand Mistake If You Want To Play Better Topspin Shots

Updated: Feb 8, 2022

One of the most common tennis forehand mistake among tennis players when they are learning is the wrist snap when they contact the ball.

Why are they doing tennis forehand mistake?

Well, it could be due to the prior experience of playing badminton where they used a lot of the wrist action. Another possible reason of making tennis forehand mistake, is they think too much of controlling the shot such that they are using just the arm and wrist to hit the tennis ball.

What are the consequences of doing tennis forehand mistake?

You are not going to be consistent in the rallies.

When you use the wrist to slap the ball, you are not going to generate topspin. If you slap too hard, then the ball is either going to the net or fly out of the court. If you slap it gently, then the ball is going to fall short.

You are going to get injured.

Here, let’s put it this way, the tennis racket is not as light as the badminton racket. But if you are going to slap the tennis ball with the wrist forever, your wrist is going to get injured. Ouch! Think, if you could do this for 100 shots. Is this possible if you could do it for 1000 shots or 10000 shots?

Simple Solutions To Correct The Mistake

Think of your palm.

First of all, when you are correcting the forehand swing, think of the direction that your palm is facing. What you need to remember is that the palm is always facing outside, away from your body.

At the back swing stage, the palm will be facing the side fence. You will be able to achieve this if your wrist is cocked.

Further, as you swing your racket forward to contact the tennis ball, your palm is facing the target. It is still facing away from your body.

After you hit the ball, you finish the stroke with the follow through. The rolling action or turning of the wrist when you bring the racket up. As a result this will make the palm face away from your body.

How to practice

Shadow swing without the racket

I believe as you watch this video, this will help you visualize the forehand swing better. Plus, you can follow me to practice the shadow swing when I demonstrate the technique.

Most of all, you must take notice of your palm. Also, check at the different stages and ensure that it is facing away from you. Consequently, there should be NO instance when the palm is facing your body.

Shadow swing with the racket

When you hit the tennis court or if you have the tennis racket with you, practice the forehand stroke with the racket. Make a conscious effort to check the palm at the back swing stage, contact stage and follow through stage. The mistake usually come at the contact to follow through stage where you slap the ball.

Self drop or partner feed

Lastly, practice self drop and hit with your forehand technique. Drop the ball in front of your dominant side and hit. If the forehand technique is correct, then you should be able to generate topspin on the shot.

If you have a practice partner, then get him or her to toss some tennis balls to your forehand side and practice hitting with the correct technique. Always think of push and roll the ball to create the topspin. Avoid slapping the ball at all times.

Qn: Are you playing the tennis forehand with the mistake that I talked about? Did you feel any pain after the session?

Are you going to try the simple solution that I suggested?

Share your answers in the comment box below. I look forward to seeing your responses.

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