My Tennis Coaching Philosophy

I believe that everyone who is passionate in tennis, regardless of their age, gender, experience and abilities can enjoy playing great tennis.

I want to assist you in experiencing your full tennis potential. I believe in working together with my students in a cooperative manner and decisions are made collaboratively so that we can achieve win-win situations.

You should feel that the lesson is uniquely tailored to you and feel challenged to strive for improvement in different areas of your game. You will be taught with patience and understanding.

I take pride in hearing many students say that after lessons, they feel better not only about their tennis game, but better about themselves as well.

My goal is to inspire and offer a positive, high quality approach in all the tennis related areas. I love watching a student learning a new skill and see the look of excitement in their eyes when trying to execute the new skill.  The satisfaction comes when they say, “Ah.. I get it!”

It is all about the players feeling good about themselves and gaining confidence through tennis.

There are so many wonderful facets of tennis and the game is always evolving.

As your tennis coach, I strive to better myself by being a constant student of the game. I always look forward to increase my knowledge and innovate with new teaching ideas and concepts.


My TENNIS Core Values:

Trustworthy: To be a trustworthy coach, mentor and friend

Empowerment: Empower students to challenge themselves and make good decisions

No Nonsense: Every tennis lesson is high quality and customised for you

WiN-WiN: Always think what’s best for the students

Innovation: Review and innovate teaching ideas and concepts

Satisfaction: My students must feel satisfied and feel good after every lesson

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