Tennis Drill To Improve Your Kick Serve and Toss

The tennis serve toss and the kick serve are two difficult components of the serve.   In today’s lesson, I am going to share a powerful tennis drill that can improve your serve toss and kick serve.     Learn This Powerful Tennis Drill To Improve Your Serve Toss and…

How To Reduce Double Faults and Gain More Confidence For Your Tennis Serve

Between your first tennis serve and your second serve, what goes through your mind?   “@#$%, better keep it safe and put the ball in.”   “Argh, swing the racket up, toss properly and bend the knees a bit more.”   “I am going to make a double fault again!”…

5 Tennis Serve Drills To Help You Win Your Service Games

In this video lesson, I am going to share with you some tips to help you in your tennis serve training so that your training becomes more fun, exciting and relevant to your tennis matches.         Learn 5 Tennis Serve Drills To Win Your Service Game  …

Tennis Kick Serve: Get More Kick With These 8 Tips

How nice if your tennis kick serve has a high bounce, so that your opponent can’t attack you on your second serve.   How do you feel if your kick serve is able to generate a weak return from your opponent?   If you are struggling to hit a high…

Tennis Grips Explained – How To Find The Grip Correctly And Play Your Best Shots

Do you know that different tennis strokes use different tennis grips? If not, find out the correct tennis grips for a perfect shot. Many of my friends started playing tennis with one type of grip, i.e., the eastern forehand grip, for every stroke. They have no idea of topspin and…

15 Random Thoughts On The Tennis Serve

By Joel Loo   Tennis serve has been a focus of mine for several years now.   I’ve made it a huge focus to get better in my tennis serve and help my students to improve their serves as well. I’ve learned a ton along the way, and just when…

Consistent Tennis Serve: Get Your Serve Toss Right

By Joel Loo   In this video lesson, I want to talk about how to improve your tennis serve toss. The toss is one of the crucial factors for consistent serves. If you can toss well, you have one less worry for your tennis serve. First of all, let me…

3 Powerful Tips To Win Your Service Games

By Joel Loo   In today’s lesson, I want to share 3 powerful tips that you can use to win your service games.     Before I talk about the tips, let me share some of my thoughts on the importance of the tennis serve.   Why is the serve…

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