How To Reduce Double Faults and Gain More Confidence For Your Tennis Serve

Between your first tennis serve and your second serve, what goes through your mind?   “@#$%, better keep it safe and put the ball in.”   “Argh, swing the racket up, toss properly and bend the knees a bit more.”   “I am going to make a double fault again!”…

The Tennis Game Is Simple… Really?

“Tennis is a simple game but it’s human beings that make it so complex.” These are words that struck me when I heard them from Sven Groeneveld, coach of Maria Sharapova. There is some truth in it. The tennis game is played by 2 or 4 players. They only need…

6 Reasons Why You Lose Tennis Matches And What To Do About Them

By Joel Loo Have you ever wondered why you lose tennis matches very often? And you have no idea how you lost them?   In my experience as a tennis coach and my research on tennis players, I have found there are actually 6 main reasons why players lose their…

Why Can’t I Play Tennis Matches Like The Way I Practice?

  I have a student, he loves playing tennis matches. Let’s call him J. He is a good tennis player with good ground strokes and service technique. His footwork is not as efficient as I’d like it to be, but he is trying.   Whenever J plays tennis matches with…

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