Tennis Drill To Improve Your Kick Serve and Toss

The tennis serve toss and the kick serve are two difficult components of the serve.   In today’s lesson, I am going to share a powerful tennis drill that can improve your serve toss and kick serve.     Learn This Powerful Tennis Drill To Improve Your Serve Toss and…

Tennis Rating: How Good Is Your Tennis?

Have you ever wonder what is your current tennis rating?   If you just started learning tennis, you are probably trying to consistently hit the tennis ball over the net and stay ‘alive’. You might be taking lessons from a tennis coach and every session, your coach teaches you how…

How To Reduce Double Faults and Gain More Confidence For Your Tennis Serve

Between your first tennis serve and your second serve, what goes through your mind?   “@#$%, better keep it safe and put the ball in.”   “Argh, swing the racket up, toss properly and bend the knees a bit more.”   “I am going to make a double fault again!”…

Tennis Footwork Tips On The Approach Shots

In this video lesson, I am going to share very useful tennis footwork tips when it comes to the approach shots. If you want to move efficiently for your forehand, double backhand and backhand slice approach shots, your footwork is super important. So, watch this video lesson and learn how…

How To Improve Your Court Positioning In Tennis

You saw the ball coming from the opposite side of the court and you quickly ran in, thinking of hitting it over after it bounces up.   As you stopped and prepare to swing the racket at the ball, the ball jumped and past your racket. You missed the ball…

How To Use Mini Tennis To Improve Your Tennis

If you have been taking tennis lessons or if you are playing competitively, then mini tennis (some tennis pros call it short court tennis as well) is probably not something new for you. Many coaches and pros have been using mini tennis as a form of warm up in their…

How To Prepare Early for Your Groundstrokes So That You Can Hit With More Consistency

By Joel Loo   It was the second lesson that I had with my tennis student, Naem, and we were working on the forehand technique (groundstrokes). I was hitting baseline rallies with him. During the break, as usual, I checked with him how he felt about his technique or whether…

7 Tips To Help You and Your Friends Enjoy Playing Tennis More

By Joel Loo   Whenever you arrange a tennis session with your friends, both of you are eagerly on the court, playing tennis. However, the thing is that both of you are struggling with is to keep the ball in play. I have seen that happening to many people, while…

3 Drills To Improve Anticipation Instantly

By Joel Loo   Many subscribers have asked me how to improve anticipation when rallying. Today I want to share four tips that can help you improve anticipation without changing your techniques.   Tips To Help You Improve Anticipation Instantly   I had the privilege to meet Tomaz Mencinger from…

Tennis Beginners Tips : 6 Simple Ways To Win Your First Match

Last Wednesday was the first time my girls’ team, tennis beginners, played a friendly match. They have been training for about a year, and most of them started with no tennis experience at all.   I could not attend their friendly match due to some official matters. I wanted to…

Why Can’t I Play Tennis Matches Like The Way I Practice?

  I have a student, he loves playing tennis matches. Let’s call him J. He is a good tennis player with good ground strokes and service technique. His footwork is not as efficient as I’d like it to be, but he is trying.   Whenever J plays tennis matches with…

Improve Your Consistency Instantly With These Simple Tweaks

By Joel Loo Recall yourself rallying with your opponent or partner. One shot, two shots, three shots and poom! You hit the ball out or dumped the ball into the net. But you felt ok. Then you played again. One shot, two shots, three shots and poom! The ball sailed…

How To Beat The Damn Pusher In Your Next Match

By Joel Loo It’s so frickin frustrating when playing against a pusher. Every shot that you throw at him is a wasted effort because he keeps returning them to you. Argh! You feel like smashing the ball at him! Have you ever experienced this kind of agony? If yes, then…

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