5 Keys Be A Better Tennis Player and Coach

Hey tennis player, 2018 is here!   You must be thinking of setting New Year Resolutions right?   But do you know that studies showed that many people failed their resolutions very early?   If you have set some goals to become a better tennis player,  I have 2 quick…

Tennis Rating: How Good Is Your Tennis?

Have you ever wonder what is your current tennis rating?   If you just started learning tennis, you are probably trying to consistently hit the tennis ball over the net and stay ‘alive’. You might be taking lessons from a tennis coach and every session, your coach teaches you how…

New to Tennis Coaching? Discover My Top 8 Lessons On Managing Your Teams

My tennis coaching season just ended. Phew…   It was a month long competition journey with the players, especially the boys. There were ups and downs throughout the season and I want to share 8 lessons that I have learnt while managing the teams.   Learn These 8 Tennis Coaching…

The Tennis Game Is Simple… Really?

“Tennis is a simple game but it’s human beings that make it so complex.” These are words that struck me when I heard them from Sven Groeneveld, coach of Maria Sharapova. There is some truth in it. The tennis game is played by 2 or 4 players. They only need…

Tennis Coaching: 9 Keys To Define A Successful Training Session

As a tennis coach, what do you look out for and when can you confidently say that the tennis coaching session was a successful one for your client? I am very fortunate that in my years of tennis coaching, my clients have been very satisfied. They are happy with the…

Why Can’t I Play Tennis Matches Like The Way I Practice?

  I have a student, he loves playing tennis matches. Let’s call him J. He is a good tennis player with good ground strokes and service technique. His footwork is not as efficient as I’d like it to be, but he is trying.   Whenever J plays tennis matches with…

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